Saturday, March 3, 2007


Highly amusing spazzy new wave whose amusement value increases substantially once their backstory is understood. Once upon a time these Florida boys went by the name of Babylon and were full blown harlequins-mimes-and-paper-mache-dragons Genesis wannabees. Proggers gone new wave is not an uncommon phenomenon but Helicopter prove to be a good example of what can happen when this scenario actually works. Devo were evidently a fork in the road for this crew, so out went the pastoralism, in it's place a species of zany herky jerk that owes an almost equal debt to Devo's fellow Akron residents Tin Huey. If Helicopter had been from there as well, they'd likely be considered far more than an anomalous footnote in prog rock history.
Note: the last two tracks crossfade, so they indexed as one track.

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Seal Pool said...

Holy crap, give us some time to catch our breath!

I just might have to go out and buy a new hard drive.


Lost Patrol - S/T (Dusty Lee)

Kangaroo Kourt:
- Intersteller Static From The Kangaroo Kourt
- Messages In Ether From The Kangaroo Kourt
- Sleeping Beauty
- Atmospheric Distortions From The Kangaroo Kourt

musicgnome said...

Agreed...though I already took the massive external hard drive plunge.

Love this Helicopter Release. Specifically, I love how you keep mixing things up, but maintain an unapproachable level of quality both in musical taste and collector desirability.

Anonymous said...

Hnmm...tried leaving a comment a while back unsuccessfully. Very nice post here. And if you want I have the first and last of the Kangaroo Kourt LP's I can up.

One request I have is Brother JT's Decent LP.

Nice work here.

mutantsounds said...

wow...the kangaroo kourt lp will be fine!thanks!

vdoandsound said...

Protecting terrorists-If you load two of the Kangaroo Kourts, I'll load the other two but lets wait about a week to get this underway. Got too many other things lined up for the immediate moment. Don't have any Brother JT, though. Maybe Mr. Mutantsounds does??

Dudley Morris said...

Thanks a million for posting this, eh? Triggered by who knows what, I remembered reading a semi-enthusiastic review of this album in Trouser Press in the early '80s, which is what led me to look for the album online, and thus find this site. Glad I could check it out without shelling out some serious bux! And: great site overall! Man, I've got some serious investigating to do...