Friday, March 2, 2007


Though it's scarcely acknowledged as such, this fourth and final Iskra LP from 1983 sits at a
completely superior right angle to this Swedish band's main body of work. This is evident right out of the gate via an introductory piece that sounds like the aftereffects of ergot poisoning at a Swedish fairground. Unlike the modestly interesting improv tactics deployed on their first three LP's, the predominantly composed "Fantasies" finds Iskra operating in the ecstatic ethno-jazz realm of Archimedes Badkar's "Tre" and Bengt Berger's "Bitter Funeral Beer" and even veering off (on "Ancient Evenings/Future Mornings") into the realm of glorious psych trudge (read: Parsson Sound, Harverster, Arbete Och Fritid that Sweden's underground has become so legendary for (and, by 1983, a trajectory long abandoned by their countrymen). One of the finest albums from 80's Sweden.

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Anonymous said...

Less interesting than I thought it would be... but thanks for sharing anyway!


Anonymous said...

Thanks very much.One of my best
friends made me discover Sweden's
underground and I really dug it.I
think I will have some fun listening to Iskra.

Anonymous said...

thanx from urkenny

Anonymous said...

Where is the best place to sell a copy of this? Any idea what it is worth?