Friday, March 2, 2007


It's often the case that some of the weirdest stuff you'll run into comes cloaked in a deceptive gentility, an effervescent breeziness beneath whose placid surface lurks all manner of odd detailing. Pascal Comelade, Woo and Aqsaq Maboul (on their debut) are all prime examples of this suave yet addled sensibility. To this list, add Kulu Hatha Mamnua. The brainchild of Swiss R. I. O. musician Gilles-V. "Dizzi" Reider (ex-Debile Menthol) and hand percussionist Pascal Cuche (along with a brace of guest musicians), Kulu Hatha Mamnua achieve just such a delicate balancing act with the aid of clarinets, hand percussion, steel drums, synths, bass, accordion and flute and the effect is absolutely haunting. Why they then chose to release such a masterpiece in a miniscule 200 copy private edition is anyones guess.

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Anonymous said...

This ("all that is fun is forbidden") and the great "Manoeuvres d'Automne" are on a single cd (with hemp packaging) released by the ever-fantastic Fizzè. Please see and if you don't know them already, familiarize yourself with Peeni Waali!

Anonymous said...

Zip archive will not unzip; keep getting invalid file error. Is it just me?

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a real corker -- right in the Mutuant tradition -- but for some reason I'm having difficulties unzipping the file. I downloaded it twice and both times I got diagnostic errors (i.e., invalid file names).

The Lorentz piece is a good one, by the way, and love the overlooked Shub Niggarth. There's an excellent "Live" cassette out there somewhere as well.


musicgnome said...

Man, if you bought an album purely for it's cover, this might be the one.

And, to think of comparisons to Aksak Maboul are warrented? Sign me up!

Over The Moon said...

Zip archive will not unzip; keep getting invalid file error. Is it just me?

Use Winzip. It's not a RAR file; it's a zip file.

vdoandsound said...

Anonymous-Actually, I wasn't aware that the Kulu had been reissued in any form. It would be easy to miss that fact, given it's re-titling. I was planning on posting the Manoeuvres d'Automne too but will probably pass now on that as this cd is still in print from the artist. Thanks for letting me know. Reider's work is magnificent!

Anonymous said...

Still cannot unzip file, after third download; I AM using WinZip...still getting message that all files in archive are corrupt. Looks like someone else had the same problem, too.

Anonymous said...

winrar usually unzips winzip files for me and it doesnt work with this one. neither does winzip.

mutantsounds said...

i don't understand why you are complaining guys....i've downloaded these immediatelly from mediafire and also had no problem unzipping it using the latest winrar version....strange

vdoandsound said...

No idea here either. I've downloaded this to check for the problem and it unzips fine for me using Stuffit expander.

Anonymous said...

There is a problem in the Zip file; I downloaded it twice and had the same problem both times. But (on PCs) if instead of just right-click/unzip you use WinRar, open the program, find the Zipfile and tell WinRar to repair or rebuild the archive, the new copy will open just fine.

Anonymous said...

I can't unzip it either. Aparently, track 6 is missing...

Anonymous said... probably a colon(:) in the name of a directory inside the ZIP-archive is causing all the troubles on computers using Windows.

Anonymous said...

Not only is track 6 missing, but so are tracks 11 through 24. Too bad, what is here sounds interesting. Maybe you will decide to post the whole thing?

Great stuff here, though.

Anonymous said...

I tried the 'heal archive' thing in Winrar, but it didn't produce an archive I could unzip. Due to what someone said above, I think the problem must be that the folder inside that contains the tracks is named as "s:t". Unfortunately, although when I right-click on the zip file it gives me the option of re-naming it, that's not where the problem is - and when I right-click on the yellow Windows folder inside (Winrar allows you to broswe to see what's in a zipped archive, without unzipping it) that has the colon, it doesn't give the option to re-name. Think I might have to download the latest Winrar, though the version I have is not that old.

Daniel said...

but track 6 is missing. Would it be to much asking to repost?
Your blog doesnt stop to amaze me.

Blacksmith lion said...

hi everyone.
I came here for some information for this record, which I believe as never released on cd.
I downloaded this file a while ago from a page on wordpress... and it came with track number 6 missing, dated as this one from 1986.
I had this file as a damaged archive for quite a while and today I decided to make a new research on all files I have on that condition.
I went first to wordpress and downd' the file again... and again it came with track 6 missing.
then I came here, the only other place with the file available... and what do I see first..?!? yes... the comments box. It is obvious to me that your track 6 is also "missing", as much as your date from 1986 is also incorrect.
so I didn't even bother to download this file, which I am very sure to equal the same I've got... instead I decided to do a deep research about this record and try to find the cause for the problem everyone found here.
I will share with you the information on my opinion the most correct. you will decide for yourselves to follow it or to keep your own.

first, about the year, I believe it was only released as a limited edition, in switzerland, that in 1989.

second, about the "missing" track 6, this record was released only with 5 tracks on side A + 5 tracks on side B... the same 10 tracks you've got... there are no more tracks... (and I'm also feeling very curious about a previous comment in which is said tracks 11 to 24 are missing...?!?... never heard of such).

third, the some of the tracks are with different names, but they are correct in order and in size... you will have to take in consideration the region where this come from, and also how difficult translations can become.

and also, the most importante, the band's name is not "Kulu Hatha Mamnua"... that is only the name of the record. actually this is "Fizzè", wich real name is "Victor de Bros".

befor I give you more details I must say thank you for leadind me into the right direction... and this one is really a mutant sound.

and all the best to you all.


Fizzè - 1989 - Kulu Hatha Mamnua

Label: Mensch Records
Catalog#: LP AGR 001
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition
Country: Switzerland
Released: 1989
Genre: Electronic, Reggae
Style: Experimental, Reggae-Pop
Credits: Artwork By [Cover Art (except From Painting "till")] - Alex Rabus
Percussion - Pascal Cuche
Percussion [Additional], Other [Indian Chant] - Dizzi*
Producer, Engineer, Arranged By, Performer - Fizzè
Written-By - Fizzè (tracks: A1, A2, A4, A5 to B2, B4, B5) , L. Hollmer*
Notes: Dedicated to the brother Eddie Boyd.
Limited Edition 200 Copies.

(C)1977-1986 Mensch Edition.
(P)1986 L'Art Gué Records.
(C)1987 Mensch Records.


A1 - Kulu Hatha Mamnua (4:48)
A2 - Dérive (3:49)
A3 - Tongega (3:18)
A4 - Cuisine (3:02)
A5 - Adieu (1:58)

B1 - Nuit Blanche (5:26) Written-By - Dizzi*
B2 - Futur Intérieur (1:10)
B3 - Odessa (4:02) Written-By - M. Hollander*
B4 - Homo Sapionçe (3:05)
B5 - Palgengawoya (2:48)

Choir - Anne Lehmann , Cat Broillet* , Christine Freudiger , Françoise Borioli , Irene Lohmann , Jacqueline Gander - (A1)

Saxophone - Cédric Bovet (A2)

Clarinet - Cédric Vuille
Trombone - Daniel Brunner
Violin - Marie Schwaab*


vdoandsound said...

blacksmith lion-I can vouch for the accuracy of the transfer though, as it's from an original copy of the LP (ed. of 200) asnd isn't me reposting someone else's transfer. Interesting to read some of your other comments. I've never once seem it stated anywhere before that the project name isn't Kulu Hatha Mamnua, though.

Blacksmith lion said...

hi again.

yes... I am also sure this is an accurate transfer... and a good one.

and no... you did not repost someone else's transfer... and I never said so. It just could happen that you are not the only one to have what to tranfer.
but in my opinion the wordpress archive I found at the beggining of this year, dated :

19 Enero 2009 at 6:31 PM

could never be previous to your post from :

Friday, March 2, 2007

at most, if someone is re-posting, that someone would have to be the poster at wordpress, re-posting YOUR post, with a 2 years gap.

hope this clear any doubt.

about Fizzè... it is really not Kulu Hatha Mamnua. in fact I left you a comment in other of your posts, and I'm sure your familiar with Victor de Bros, who really his the soul and body (and the spirit) of Fizzè.

I think this is Fizzè's only release, but Victor de Bros produced also these records:

Battre Campagne 1984
Accidentales 1986
The Return Of Peeni Waali 1997
The Eve Of Peeni Waali

and appears on one of the various artists record you posted (which is with dead links).

and a few others...

once again...
all the best to you all.


vdoandsound said...

Blacksmith lion-cool...thanks for the clarification. Your depth of knowledge on their activities quite exceeds mine. Really nice to have all this additional info!


Blacksmith lion said...

...and your welcome to visit at any time...

Les Tontons Flingueurs said...

Here's another rip of fizze/Victor de Bros:

and a related album: