Sunday, March 4, 2007

Perception-same,LP,1971,France,FUTURA label

Futura label jazz-rock/Zeuhl Music album,issued in 1971. Led by Jeff Seffer (aka Yochk'o Seffer) on bass-clarinet, soprano & tenor saxes, along with Siegfried Kessler piano, electric piano), Didier Levallet (bass) and Jean-My Truong (drums). Shortly after this Yochk'o Seffer joined Magma (on such classics as Mekanick Kommando & 1001° Centigrades) and then later founded Zao. "Colour splashes, melting magma, he plays like he paints and sculpts: he is the melting pot of the dancing lyricism of his compatriot Bartok, the Coltranian fire and the self proclamations of a Monk with a multi-instrumental virtuoso (from sopranino to bass saxophone) and with an endless passion.

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dell said...

fuckin sick!

youre just showing off now.


Arkadin said...

I'm late on this one. Luckily the link still works - thanks a lot for posting!

Kozmigroov' ConneXion said...

there's an album from 1973 by the same group + ex magma members such as teddy lasry & louis toesca

Solomon said...

Thank you.