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Steve Beresford-The Bath of Surprise+ Dancing the line(with Anne Marie Beretta),LPs,1980/1985,UK,NWW list

Steve Beresford (born 1950) is a British musician. He has played a variety of instruments, including piano, trumpet, euphonium, bass guitar and a wide variety of toy instruments, such as the toy piano. He has also played a wide range of music. He is probably best known for free improvisation, but has also written music for film and television and has been involved with a number of pop music groups.
Beresford was born in Wellington, Shropshire in England, studied at the University of York, and stayed in York after graduating, becoming involved in theatre as well as arranging various free improvisation concerts in the city. At this early stage, he was playing a wide variety of music, playing the Hammond Organ in a soul music covers band, featuring on Trevor Wishart's early work Journey Into Space (1973) and free improvising.
In 1974, Beresford moved to London, where he played in Derek Bailey's Company events and in the groups Alterations with David Toop, Terry Day and Peter Cusack, and the Three Pullovers with Nigel Coombes and Roger Smith. He was also a member with Gavin Bryars and Brian Eno of the Portsmouth Sinfonia.
Beresford has continued to play free improvisation with a number of prominent musicians, including Evan Parker, Lol Coxhill, John Zorn and Han Bennink. He has also worked with a number of popular musicians, including The Slits, Frank Chickens, Ted Milton and The Flying Lizards.
During the 1970s, Beresford was a co-founder and co-editor of the magazine Musics, which dealt mainly with free improvisation, whilst during the early 1980s he helped to set up the somewhat glossier publication Collusion, which had a wider musical remit, covering fields such as rap, heavy metal, classical music, film music, pop music as well as the avant-garde and free improvisation. Along with David Toop, Beresford was also a prime mover of the London Musicians Collective.
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Little Turtle said...



yesterday i saw beresford with butcher and lovens interpreting christian marclay's screen play. awesome

Lucky said...

posted "dancing the line" some 4 weeks ago, i never got my hands on "the bath of surprise"! thanks mutant for being the great sharer you are, i've been quite often on a beresford-trip over the last months, and also posted quite much of this awesome artist - some links are still active (like to the very joyous general strike-release), some are gone ...

this turn to also 'lighter' mutant sounds is much appreciated by

lucky ;)

Anonymous said...

Here is the original tracklist:

1. Tendance 4:33
2. Sand From A Desert 3:54
3. Hiver 83/84 1:55
4. Lover Of Paradox 2:07
5. Snap 1:45
6. Un Aimant Vivant 4:17
7. Altitude 3:26
8. Clins D’œil 5:03
9. Comfortable Gestures 3:28
10. Été 82 2:47
11. Gift Of Linen 3:35
12. Horse Tail 2:29
13. Cicada 2:35

STEVE BERESFORD – piano, chant, yamaha DX7, drum machine yamaha RX11
ALAN HACKER – clarinettes, en si bémol, en do, clarinette baroque en ré, cor de basset en la, saxophone soprano
DAVID TOOP – flûte, flûte alto, flûtes en bambou, guitares

Seems that track 8 is missing and original tracks 12 and 13 are joined into 11.

Here is the hi-res coverscan:


pedda said...

file not found :(dre