Tuesday, March 6, 2007

V/A:6 Scandals,Tape,1983,Netherlands

Here's one more Midas tape relese.1983 again ,limited edition of 30 copies.
a01 Tempo Di Marcia - Love Is Like Glamour
a02 Tempo Di Marcia - All Fake
a03 Tempo Di Marcia - Russian Dream
a04 J'nitors United C.O.D. - Natives a05 J'nitors United C.O.D. - Dallassalad
a06 J'nitors United C.O.D. - Heaven's Silent Pressure
a07 Tres Vibreros - Last Hell
a08 Tres Vibreros - Foetsji
a09 Tres Vibreros - Exiting Me
b01 Viva La Muerte - ???
b02 Viva La Muerte - ???
b03 Viva La Muerte - ???
b04 Yollow Swollows - Break The Law
b05 Yollow Swollows - Reagan Ditty
b06 Yollow Swollows - I'm The Fastest
b07 Yollow Swollows - Fuck The Punks
b08 The Berlin Wall - Protection
b09 The Berlin Wall - Fascism
b10 The Berlin Wall - Bami
b11 The Berlin wall - Wall
b12 The Berlin Wall - I Don't Wanna End ... [live OJC Jonosh, Asten-Heusden 1982]
more Midas tapes releases coming soon!
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