Thursday, March 1, 2007

V/A:Intrendent Red Cassette,Tape,1985,Germany

Very rare compilation of minimal synth/experimental music from Germany.Released as part 2 of the trilogy(see pic above).This is the rip of the RED cassette.Contains amongst others:erk Leitert-Florian Glaser, Autumn, Problemist, Brain Wot, Los Paranos, Solomonoff & von Hoffmannstahl, Hypnobeat, Säurekeller, Zidsick, Söhne Onans, Zone Vert.
Anyone got the black and the white cassette?
get it here and here


Christopher said...

I might still have rips of the complete set; I'll check tonight and let you know.

(if this is a duplicate comment, please ignore. it seemed to not work the first time.)

Christopher said...

Ah, no luck. I am sorry. And I so wanted to be able to contribute something to Mutant Sounds... :(

Seal Pool said...

I'll try my psychic abilities once again.

Rising from the Red Sand?

(I am now Seal Pool and no longer John for some reason.)

Christopher said...

I have Rising from the Red Sand.

Unfortunately, the reissues, but still...

intrendent said...

Hey, dudes, *gggg* I released these
Intrendent Fansette Compilation.
All song downloadable at:

so spare Your time for rippin' :-)
just for Your pleasure. If somebody
rippin' my newest compilation I will personally kill him ;-)