Friday, March 9, 2007

Various - Vortex (Motion Picture Soundtrack),LP,1982,USA

Here's the soundtrack to the experimentl film "VORTEX" by Beth B & Scott B.Music from:Adele Bertei,Lydia Lunch,Richard Edson , John Lurie in the well known NYC no wave/free jazz /experimental vein.

get it here


Anonymous said...

I guess this is directed more so at MutantSounds:
do you have the ep by 3 Teens Kill 4 : No Motive?

Anonymous said...

whats the proper track listing for this album ?
It's great

mutantsounds said...

here's the tracklisting:
A1 Main Title
A2 Tony And Powers
A3 Once In Lifetime
A4 The Roof
A5 Grey Death
Guitar - Pat Place
Vocals, Slide Guitar - Lydia Lunch
A6 Stairs
A7 The Demo
A8 Angel's Theme
B1 Black Box Disco
Vocals - Lydia Lunch
B2 Demmer's Time
B3 One Stone
B4 Vito
B5 Sleaze
B6 The Chase
B7 End Zone

Stiev said...

Been looking for this for ages - been overlooking it here for month.

Thanks, this is a long lost memory returned.

Kolyan said...

Thanks a lot, i have this on vinyl, but now can't rip it. also thanks for Siluetes 61

Anonymous said...

Were can I find the movie,been looking everywhere!Thanks.

scott said...

I really appreciate your posting of these unavailable Lydia items!!!

I just got her book THE GUN IS LOADED great stuff. I had put off buying awhile as I wasn't sure it wasn't just a reprint of INCRIMINATING EVIDENCE

Anonymous said...

hey guys, could somebody reupload this, please? ;)