Sunday, October 31, 2010


I've previously shared albums by both German electronic music pioneer Conrad Schnitzler and his frequent collaborator from this period, former DDR resident Jorg Thomasius. This 3-way split release pulls in dark ambient composer and associate Lars Stroschen (better known for his work under the moniker Propellor Island), who initiates the proceedings with a blast of frosty isolationist ambience and follows it up with an inversion into maximalist complexity with a writhing mangle of processed rhythms. Schnitzler's contributions here are very much in keeping with the approach of his other releases from this period, with swarms of zinging and pinging sonic hailstones whizzing around thickly churning sonic wedges while chrome-plated rhythms irregularly judder. As for Thomasius, his contributions here are rife with tension, with thickly effected and cavernously churning environments vaguely reminiscent of Mechthild Von Leusch, but which also unexpectedly (and briefly) explode into full art rock territory in the mode of The Blech.

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litlgrey said...

Jeez, I remember the Tonart series! Eins Zwei Drei!

Anonymous said...

many thanks...always hungry for more Con!

Anonymous said...

thanx from urkenny

Anonymous said...

propeller island? wait a minute!

a fun fact: lars troschen nowadays runs a hotel in berlin called propeller island. it's not any kind of hotel - it is a travel to outer space, a gesamtkunstwerk of architecture and music. looking at the hotel rooms you will now what I mean. I stayed in the room that is shaped like a diamond and built entirely out of mirrors, and comes with different ambient soundtracks to choose from. i highly recommend a visit ;)

Anonymous said...

Weeeeeeee! I had a cd with Tonart Eins and Tonart Vier on it, but it got messed up and it wouldn't play so I've been looking to download the albums again but they are impossible to find. Thank you for uploading.