Friday, June 3, 2011


Amusingly piss-takey plunderphonic/karaoke-detourned dada junk spew in the mode of Eye Yamatsuka's hijinks in U.F.O. Or Die and Violent Onsen Geisha circa Otis courtesy of Hong Kong based dadaist bricoleur Xper.Xr. Smear the curdled residue of pop cultural deconstruction across your third eye and smell the love.

*******NEW LINK*******

Get it via Rapidshare Here


ThomasKyhn said...

This looks very interesting!! – But there seems to be something wrong with the download link – ?

Myles said...

works fine to me. if you still need it, I can send it to you.

BF Jeff said...

goodnight vienna ?

ThomasKyhn said...

@ Myles - thanks for the offer!
I finally managed to download it through a proxy. Never had trouble with MU before.

Christopher said...

I cant find any further info on this release anywhere. Anyone have any luck?

...although, I *did* find *this* blog ( which just seems to mirror Mutant Sounds. Which strikes me as an add hobby. Is this a new phenomenon or one that I was just not aware of?

ataneila said...

You can find this release on Discogs with the different artist name 'Xper Xr': see here. What's the correct artist name?