Wednesday, March 14, 2007


The precision tooled gleam and cartoonish spluttery wetness displayed on parts of this little Neue Deutsche Welle mystery item (another not included in punk-disco's kassetteographie) could almost cause you to think it was emanating from the contemporary Cologne electronica scene. Aah...but it's a ruse...just as you've begun to think that you've got 'em pegged, they pull swirling vortexes of distended tonal mulch out of their hats and send it flinging about the room. Or leave you stranded in some echoey Tolerance-like mufflebeat purgatory before lurching back into some Ata-Tak style doinkiness. Some really advanced and damaged shit here thats virtually begging for a reissue on Vinyl-On-Demand, Was Soll Das? or Kernkrach.

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