Wednesday, March 14, 2007


One of the most screw-loose sounding sympho prog outfits that I can think of, Spain's Fusioon, while mobilizing numerous expected prog signifiers (in their case, from the funkily vamping side of Gentle Giant to the brooding post-Fripp pyrotechnics of their countrymen in Coto-En-Pel), nevertheless sit at a strange right angle to just about any other variety of prog that comes to mind. From sudden baffling insertions of group chant to a strange tendency to undercut escalating tension with odd abrupt digressions (not to mention a brain damaging electronic meltdown finale that comes screaming out of absolutely nowhere), Fusioon on this third and final album of theirs are alternately eerie, groovy, goofy, tormented, suave and slightly idiotic. They're also utterly unprecedented.

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raymond said...

This is really great! Wow! are the last two tracks supposed to just cut off like that at the end? Or did they get cut short? Could you repost them if there was a mistake. PLEASE? Amazing stuff. Thanks!

raymond said...

Also any chance of posting their second album? Their first one is great, and this one i love like no other. Thanks for sharing these gems!