Sunday, March 4, 2007

Barricade - Le Rire des camisoles,CD, (1969-1974),France,FUTURA label

With a band consisting of:François Billard (vocal, harmonica), Mario Branlo (vocal, saxophone, clarinette basse), Charly Bidineux (saxophones clarinette basse), Brigitte Choupette (guitatre basse), Chris de Foy (guitare), Cyrille Bibounet (claviers), Fanfan belles cuisses (claviers), Fernand le salé darlès (drums), Francis Baron des grottes (guitare), Frankie Di Lagio (basse electrique), Fred le vicomte électrique (guitare), Gilbert Sulma Pontoise (drums), Marce of Mémé Flippée (guitare), Gato Montauban (vocal), Harvey Neneux (guitare), Papé l' écrivain (clavier), Pépée Minègue (vocal), Joseph Racaille (clavier), Roquet Belles Oreilles (basse électrique), Armand Talot Man (saxophone, clarinette basse), Thierry dit Kühl le clown (drums), Tonton (trompette) , and released through FUTURA label,is there any need for introduction?Well,actually it's the first expanded form of ZNR ,if this adds more to your interest:)

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va ubu said...

Thanks so much for this. To be honest I'm so far unfamiliar with most of the music on your blog, but I have a hunch I will absolutely love lots of it. I'm listening to ZNR "traite de mecanique populaire" right now and can't wait to listen to Barricade!

Anonymous said...

Sadly the files are not OK. The second file only gives you track 24, while the first one gives you the first 11.

Anyone to repost this?

mutantsounds said...

mr anonymous(again!),just checked and all files are ok ...about 300 people that d/l this never complained....i don't really understand what might be wrong with your d/l....since this is already archived ,it's very hard right now to re-upload it....if you want you will have to wait about 20 days

Anonymous said...

I downloaded the Barricade album and all the tracks were there, so I don't know what the problem is either.
Thanks for the music! Had not heard of this release. Really crazed stuff, kinda like a cross between very early Art Zoyd [think early Archives stuff], Mahogany Brain, Catalogue and Beefheart circa 'Trout Mask Replica'. Insane!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, I'd been curious to hear them since Ferdinand's little hommage, Le Groupe "Barricades" au Petit Festival, on Bruniferd's Pas Sages, Secrets. Part of it reads (loosely translated) "Already the wet sounds of "Barricades / A guitarist, knee out of ground, Indian saturated / a drummer-illusionist who plays the sky / Zazou, head-in-the air, bass barred / a poor small rheumatic saxist ..." Sounds as if they may have been an influence on the nascent Etron Fou. And for anyone who hasn't figured it out, Roquet Belles Oreilles is Hector Zazou.