Sunday, March 4, 2007

Patrizio Fariselli-Antropofagia,LP,1977,Italy,NWW list

Patrizio Fariselli was born in July, 1951. He studied piano at the Conservatory of Pesaro as a teenager. Aside from his work with Area in the 1970's, he recorded an experimental piano album entitled Antropofagia in 1977. Sadly, this recording is still difficult to find in North America, despite its recent release on CD.
Since the early-eighties breakup of Area, Fariselli has written movie and theater soundtracks, including: Zitti e Mosca, Benvenuti in Casa Gori, and Belle al Bar of Alessando Benvenuti, and the theater works Andy & Norman, Sete, and Piume of Zuzzurro e Gaspare, and Colchide of "Quelli di Grock." In 1982 he composed music for the ballet Itineraire Bis for "Le Ballets Jazz-Art" of Paris. He has also collaborated (mostly in live situations, I think) with the jazz artists Steve Lacy, Paul Lytton, Curtis Fuller, Howard Johnson, and Art Farmer.
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Anonymous said...

Cannot get this file after multiple attempts; I keep seeing the message that I need a "premium account." Rapidshare stinks! Any chance you will switch to mediafire like Mr. VDO?

Anonymous said...

A premium account doesn't cost all that much money. Saves you the hassel and your sanity.

chaamba said...

Antropofagia :thanks MutantSounds for this one ; the title track is fascinating, with the words of ...Antonin Artaud I guess.