Saturday, March 10, 2007

Beranek-Sound of Danger,LP,1981,Norway

Here is another one great minimal synth gem.
Known for his 7" "Dra til haelvete".
get it here


Anonymous said...

really nice, thanks.
kind of tuxedomoon-y.
good songwriting: "Pictures & Paintings" really shines.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a gem. Never heard of this before. Every song is great, the whole album completely unique and outstanding stuff! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

rama lama said...

This was probably one of the most popular artists in 80's Norway.
Today he's most known for his humor program on radio doing renowned political satire and his frequent television appearances.
Dra til Hælvete (go to hell) was banned from radio and tv in it's time.
A genuinely funny guy and he is also a big fan of prog.

Crash The Driver said...

Fascinating stuff, just the kind of thing we have to expect and admire from Mutant Sounds. The vocals are distinctly in the Winston Tong (Tuxedomoon) vein, but the combination of synth and psychedelic guitar reminds a little of Chrome, and that's a very good thing.

Anonymous said...

Downloaded this a while ago and am listening now for the second time. At first I liked it. But now I am in awe. This is just brilliant in every way! Uncomparable but still breathing the early 80s' air. Love it, thank you for introducing me to this!

voxnihil418 said...

One of my favorite all time albums.

William III said...

First time was humdrum, but second listening was Wow, on repeated listens now, great album, Beranek.