Saturday, March 10, 2007

Black Light District(aka Coil)-A Thousand Lights In A Darkened Room ,2X12'',1996,UK

A Thousand Lights In A Darkened Room is the only release by the group Black Light District. Although this is not an official Coil release, "Black Light District" was merely an alias for the group. The alias is one of a few assumed by them in the mid-nineties for putting out drone based music.
"Unprepared Piano" is a reference to the prepared piano technique created by John Cage, who Coil are said to be fond of. "Blue Rats" was later remixed and released on the compilation Foxtrot, credited to Coil. "London's Lost Rivers" is a cover of the Coil song "The Lost Rivers Of London" aka "Lost Rivers Of London".
According to "This is the first in a planned trilogy of Black Light District releases. A boxed set featuring reworked versions of all three releases was hinted at once the series is complete. The text on the spine of the CD release was switched between yellow and white on different pressings."
The vinyl version is limited to a pressing of 2,000 numbered copies. However, there are duplicate numbers and three colors: blue, white, and clear.
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NOTE that London's Lost Rivers track is not seperated by the Chalice one,so it is shown as 1 track called Chalice in this vinyl rip.
An amazing adventurous experimental release of Coil!

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jeff said...

Thanks Jim!!
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Larry Terrell said...

London's Lost Rivers is not in this file. Chalice has a one second difference from the cd version. FYI. Thank you!.
Please note if you all update the file. That's the track I need:)