Saturday, March 10, 2007

Coil-Backwards Demo,tape,199?,UK

Backwards was a studio bootleg recording by Coil. The origin of the source of "Backwards" is believed to have been a leak of the studio demo, in the form of a cassette. However, the entire demo was broadcast when Dutch Radio4, a radio station in Amsterdam, had Coil as in studio guests to coincide with a live performance on the date of 2001 June 01. The program was broadcasted on 2001 June 18 and a four disc CD-R set of the entire broadcast, made by the radio station, was released in an unknown quantity as Dutch Radio4 Supplement. Although part of the proposed album was eventually released as The Ape Of Naples, the material is so augmented that there are very few recognizable samples.
The album was the proposed release on Trent Reznor's former label Nothing Records. However, the release was continuously put off. The Ape Of Naples is considered to be the reincarnation of this demo as it features completely reworked versions of "Heaven's Blade", "A.Y.O.R.", and other songs that are believed to have been originally created around the time of Backwards. "Simenon" and "Bee Has Photos" are built largely on the foundation of the song "Protection" which was released on the single Born Again Pagans.
"Bee Has Photos" and "Eqyptian Basses" are not considered to be officially part of this bootleg as they were released as part of the Songs of the Week download series and not on the supposed original demo. However the version from Songs of the Week is an alternate version, much shorter in length.
On the live Coil album, Live Three, a song called "Backwards" is performed. This song is an incarnation of the songs "Simenon" and "Bee Has Photos".
This bootleg comprises the material for an album with several proposed titles, such as "International Dark Skies", "God Please Fuck My Mind For Good", "Fire Of The Mix", "The World Ended A Long Time Ago" and "Backwards". Other proposed titles are also possibly referenced by this material.
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This is a mystery release by these poinners of post industrial/experimental sounds.

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Larry Terrell said...

Thank you thank you thank you.
I have a copy of this, but without track separation. Thank you a million times over for the Coil.
Manyfold blessings on your houses.

V said...

thankU a million times 2

Jefferson said...

Fantastic! Been looking for this since my cassette degraded into magnetic sludge.

Any chance of a post of the "Love's Secret Domain" demos (titled on the tape: "Love's Secret Demise") ??

Anonymous said...

I beg you...PLEASE repost this! This is my fav demo collection of Coil. I have looked for it everywhere!