Wednesday, March 7, 2007


One of Sweden's greatest unsung progressive units, Berits Halsband seem to have the rollicking, blithe tone of Archimedes Badkar's Scandanavian folk-tinged jazz rock debut album writ into their very DNA. A certain Canterbury-centric airiness (a can't fail tactic) is also very much part of their remit, so you know that your poignancy detector is going to get a proper twanging.

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musicgnome said...

This Berit's Haldband offering looks awesome. You guys are frikkin' amazing!

Much appreciated,

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but file is corrupt!
Then I extracting files - diagnostic message say to me: Cannot create Berits Halsband!!!
Please, check the link.


Anonymous said...


thx alot, very interesting release.

If you're using winrar, remove the ':' from the folder called 's:t' and you should be alright.

vdoandsound said...

Yarro-I just tried downloading it and it worked fine for me. Not sure what is causing your problem...

arstider said...

No problem downloading it.
But you can't unzip the file afterwards, you get only the sleevephoto but nothing more.

Best wishes from Sweden

Anonymous said...

I confirm, there is no more than the picture.
Tracks cannot be extracted.
And Winrar don't change folders name.

Anonymous said...

i also cannot extract this file with ":" in it. :(


Marcus said...

A way around this problem is to download WinZip. Open the file with Winzip (don't directly extract from the Windows shell menu) and you'll only see the picture. but if you press extract all files you'll get the mp3s out.

Winrar creates only errors for me because of the internal file path.

vdoandsound said...

I just downloaded this and unzipped it with ease using stuffit expander. It's worked for me on many other occasions when similar complaints arose too, so...make of that what you will. Marcus' solution sounds like a good one too...

Yann said...

You're right, it's Ok with Stuffit. The problem is the syntax of the "s:t" folder and Stuffit is the only one i found to unzip without error. Not really Stuffit Expander but Stuffit Browser showing the whole contents of the folder and changing "s:t" in "s_t.
I tried with WinZip : same problem than WinRar.
Good luck to everybody

Jonas said...

Apart from being a little tricky to unzip, this was an absolute grat post.I am amazed how you found this record...!!

Thanks alot.