Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Documenting very much the same vector of the early 80's Japanese underground scene as Pinakotheca Records and (to some extent) the Welcome To Dreamland compilation LP on Celluloid, this release is but one of the (literally) 101 flavors of lost Japanese weirdness from the era that Japan's Cragale Records have issued across as many CDR releases, most seemingly documenting live recordings from their Muon shop/performance space back in the day. Their eye-popping list of offerings can be found Here

Sounding wholly unrelated to the art damaged cabaret rock of their early 80's LP on Zeitgenossische Musik Disk, the touched-in-the-head childlike fragility of Maher Shalal Hash Baz and (especially) those moments on Kevin Ayers and The Whole World's Shooting At The Moon when everything devolves into a wobbly tootling improv melee form the two touchstones for the breed of obtuse weirdity that A-Musik's get up to in a live setting.

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