Saturday, March 10, 2007


Eerily prescient title aside, this third album from Burnin Red Ivanhoe (an outfit that preceded the formation of NWW list artists Secret Oyster) is operating at a real throat-lump-inducing peak of acidy jazz rock genius on this one. Karsten Vogel's plangently beautiful curlicues of alto sax salaciously wooze about in a manner that only Lol Coxhill's work with the Kevin Ayers And The Whole World band seems comparable to. Much like that album, WWW is suffused with an atmosphere that alternates passages of languorous beauty with runs of wild carnival-esque abandon, particularly on the album's latter half, whose atmosphere is so buttery warm and rich with "knowing" druggy vibes, you'd only wish that music could be absorbed through your pores.

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Peter said...

Very nice to see this again, ta in multoples! The Lol Coxhill comparison is very apt (at that time). Except the sound of Vogel's filigrees was cuter than Lol's on the smaller sax.

Solomon said...

Thank you.