Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sato Masahiko & Sound Breakers-Kokotsu no Showa Genroku (Amalgamation),LP,1971,Japan

This gem has it all, heavy psych blizz, tape music, filed recording snippets, music concrete, free jazzin' blasts, lysergic guitar killer. On keyboerds Mr. Hiro Yanakida(Tokyo Kid Brothers,Milk Time,etc).

get it here


Theo said...

Looks super promising, thanks a bunch.
Loving the rush of Japanese music here lately, please keep em coming!

experimental christian musik said...

Hi brother: great record, very symphonic and acid-like, a modern masterpiece for this time, no-more music for masses, but in the masses we must learn the words.
This blog is awesome and a bliss for all open-ears.
God bless you!

Kevin said...

Thanks for uploading this. Unfortunately, I get a "file is corrupt" error when I try to extract the file. Would you please re-up the file.

Thanks, Kevin

greg davis said...

awesome record. thanks!
worked fine for me.

doc kwan said...

Do any of you Mutants have Mr. Masahiko's collaboration with Stomu Yamash'ta "Metampsychosis" available to post? Julian Cope has referred to it as "a kind of Godhead union between Sun Ra and the Cosmic Jokers" and it's impossible to find outside of Japan. Any leads? Thanks a thousand-fold for all you guys do!!

Anonymous said...

Many Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

do you know these records, Hiromasa Suzuki - Rock Joint Biwa/Rock Joint Cither?