Friday, March 9, 2007

Cranioclast - Kolik-San-Art,LP,1986,Germany

Cranioclast is a duo from Hagen, Germany which produce various artistic endeavors, most commonly music. Usually those two identify themselves as Soltan Karik and Sankt Klario. They have their own label called CoC and were working with a number of like-minded bands, including Kallabris, Fetisch Park and A.B.G.S.
The Thing on the Doorstep blog posted in December their tape:Cris Con Tala .(for anyone interested)

get this extravaganza here


marcus said...

hell, cranioclast are my alltime faves!!!!!
core (sideproject) is great too.

dystonia said...

This is one of the best of their early records, very diverse sounds, sort of ambient-electro-industrial-prog-folk-concrete.

The Core records were great too - 'Chants of Race and Emptiness' is an almost forgotten classic, sounds a little like PGR remixing Metgumbnerbone's 'Ligeliahorn'.

Anonymous said...

The CoC family are all great!!
Now, if only someone will post Kettenwindel by Kallabris.