Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Francisco Semprun & Michel Christodoulides-Métamorphoses,LP,1974,France

Fantastic spooky ambient album featuring creepy toy box twinkles and atmospheric baroque drones, complete with some harpsichord and flute, but none of it is necessarily easy listening, or even pleasant for that matter. It's dark and a bit challenging, but those with an adventruous ear might appreciate it. On the unique and rather obscure French Unidisc label.

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musicgnome said...

"...creepy toy box twinkles and atmospheric baroque..."

Oh my, sinister, yet intriguing. Still wondering which well you guys keep visiting, cause I've never felt more musically ignorant in my life.

tape said...

re: metamorpheses, wow, quite a journey, and a very cool cover too!

Anonymous said...

Bought this album in Paris a few years some killer moments. Love this blog man!

almightybooblikon said...

beautiful cover, as Tape says, will try...thanks for the share.