Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Vogelsheiß und Seine Verrückten Kröten,LP/CD,1988/9,USA

A John Hubbard project, with the participation of Christoph Heemann and Andreas Martin as guests. The LP has a black cover with colour xerox sheets glued on it and is limited to 50 copies. The CD has a handmade black cover with colour sheets glued on it and is a limited and numbered edition of 5 copies. NOTE!tracks are in .m4a format that normally latest version of winamp plays fine.In case you want to convert them to mp3 i suggest:"dBpowerAMP Music Converter"(free program).
get it here


Christopher said...

To those using iTunes, though .m4a's will play fine, conversion is easier, just right-click on the track in your playlist and select "Convert to .mp3".

Again, thanks for all the great posts!

roach-bandophone said...

WOW! Mr. Mutant, thanks so much for this! I've been looking for this ever since I got HALF of it on a cassette tape years ago! I great rarity,

Anonymous said...

Another one that doesn't conform to naming conventions. No need to make the folder name 300 characters long. Doesn't show up as a zip, rar, or anything recognizable.

Good album. I hope it gets fixed.

Anonymous said...

Would also like to add that transcoding them from .m4a to .mp3 is a bad idea. Compressing them a second time should be last resort. MP3s, please.

roach-bandophone said...

just type .rar at the end of the file. You'll find, as I did, that it is a rar archive. As far as m4a goes, if this album was FOUND in this format so be it. We should be glad to have encountered this gem at all. Consider yourself lucky!!!!

dualtrack said...

I was in a band with John Hubbard for years and he gave me a copy of this LP as a Christmas gift in 1989 or so.

Just yesterday, I first heard H.N.A.S., and coincidentally dug this LP out to transfer for my blog because I'd already transferred another one of the tapes John gave me. I was surprised to see H.N.A.S. involvement.

I'll skip posting it though, since you already have, unless a fresh transfer would be somehow helpful.


Exeter said...


I have been looking for this!
Unfortunately, the link is broken. :(
Maybe a repost is in the future?
Thanks for all your great work!

Anonymous said...

yup, the link is dead all right, and this really ought to see more light of day...thanks for all the excellent music for all these years now!

Anonymous said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE re-upload...this is SO good & the CDR I had it burned on went haywire.