Sunday, March 11, 2007

Kali Bahlu-Takes the Forest Children on a Journey of Cosmic Remembrance ,LP,1967,USA

Strange record blending eastern meditation exploito with sitar and jarring female narration.Later joined LITE STORM,who's LP Warning is coming soon on this blog.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, Mutantsounds!
Many thanks for your work!

A small request:
Baby Grandmothers 'S/T'(1968 recordings, 2007 release by Subliminal Records) - great swedish drone-kraut.
Post it if you may.

See ya!

Anonymous said...

been looking for this for a while...

very cool of you to share this


Anonymous said...

Hi yarro,
why ask for things that have just come out on Cd this year? How do you expect these labels to stay in business if people just download them for free as soon as they're available? I love this blog and others when they post stuff that isn't readily available - but I think people ask for too much sometimes when they request stuff that is easily bought. If you just want to get an idea what it sounds like, go to Amazon or somewhere and check out the brief samples they probably have.

Anonymous said...

Hi mutantsounds,
finally got around to listening to this Kali Bahlu album, and there is an anomaly on track 3. Up until around 3:30 it's fine, but then it cuts straight into the last 2/3 of track 2. This has clearly been somehow stuck on there and the real rest of track 3 is gone, cutting off mid-way through her monlogue about the different flowers of the gurus. Is there any chance you could fix this problem and re-post?

Anonymous said...

Hello mutantsounds,
just trying to bring this Kali Bahlu comment to your attention, if you can reply that'd be great.


Anonymous said...

Never mind, I found a version with a normal track 3 here -
Bear in mind that this rip has the track titles mixed up but still in the right order.

Govindas Dream said...

Hi mutantsound :),
I'm planning a re-release of this fantastic album on my label ( ) but it's damn hard to find any information about her. could you mail me the infos, that are written down on the cover? you shurely would get an exemplar of the re-issue.

my email is:

let me know :),
love & light,

Anonymous said...

on myspace, look for

The Mighty Louche said...


Anonymous said...

As crazy as this Sounds Kali Balhu was my mothers, mom. She has never met her mom as she was given up for adoption. Her original name was Elena Johnson which she changed to Kali Johnson and was married to a man named Peter Balhu. She is featured in a film called Hollywood Hotel (1994) If anyone knows where I can get my hands on one I would love to see a video of her. Thanks,