Sunday, March 11, 2007


Another Neue Deutsche Welle mega-rarity and, like the Dancing Chromosomes tape posted yesterday, another not listed on punk-disco's kassetteographie. Clattery vaguely tribal percussion, synths set on either buzz or grind and slurry overlapping voices establish a vaguely Metabolist-like atmosphere of dismal esoterica but eventually make way for a passel of gritty and stripped minimal synth pieces that should rivet anyone prone to getting wood over stuff like Sluik. Note: as is the case with the Dancing Chromosomes tape (and many more Neue Deutsche Welle tapes to follow), there is no individual track indexing. Just Sides A & B.

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Anonymous said...

You've been doing some amazing posts, thanks so much. Because of you I could already find half a dozen records that were on my "wishlist" for ages now. I do have one request though, if you can help me with it. I'm looking for the Aemotii Crii tape circa 1983, can you help?
Greetings from Portugal

Anonymous said...

mwhaha, I played bass & guitar (and programmed the drumbox) on one of the tracks, actually I recorded the backtrack and gave it to him for further use
those were the days... ;)

vdoandsound said...

Anonymous from Portugal-Sorry...never even heard of them...

Anonymous from...well...the cassette-Amazing to find someone writing in that has worked on this tape....I'm impressed!

Anonymous said...

I did not work on this tape-he just used one of my tracks for his purpose.
Besides, this tape is a good example for early drum loop "sampling"- he cut parts of records on tape and looped it all over to get long drum parts. We always did it this way, also with own stuff when we got no drum machine or real drums.
I don't know how much tapes were given away - maybe 10 or less. One was given to "Nuvox", a german short-lived music mag, and Nuvox mentioned this tape in the "homerecording section" ;)

he's still alive.
You can find his new works on myspace,
look for "Eisbert" and/or "Syncroton"

catlebrity said...

I'm loving this one, esp the clattery drums. Thx!