Sunday, March 11, 2007


Legendary progressive ensemble from Mexico, formed by Decibel's multi instrumentalist Alejandro Sanchez , who were obviously influenced by Henry Cow and whose second lp was released by Recommended Records on album. This is their first album,privately issued. They used the aura & instrumentation of early Univers Zero (violin/viola, piano, oboe/bassoon, bass & drums) and came up with a sound that was influenced by 1313, but not as dark, more improvisationally based, and also uniquely their own. A minor classic of the RIO/neo-classical school.

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dave said...

This blog is just... words fail me... I really don't know how you do it but
but I'm so very grateful.

Anonymous said...

den ksero poso kinotopos tha gino tora allaeisai theos... kai mia pou to efere i kouventa autoi oi nazca einai theoi kai exaitias akouo pragmata pou den tha akouga pote(koinotopia no2)


p.s. an valeis kai to dreamachine apo h3o tha sou eimai eugnomon gia enan akoma logo

PGeorge said...

This is actually their second LP - the picture is of the first LP, but the artwork and music are from the second LP -- very strange. Was this mis-linked?

mutantsounds said... are right....there was a mis-link...all will be fixed soon

pgeorge said...

Thank you for the quick fix. Both LPs are worth checking out for fans of UZ or Julverne, etc. EnVivo is excellent, as well.