Saturday, March 10, 2007


Featuring work originally issued on their Pinakotheca label LP "1980-81" (along with a wealth of previously unavailable material), Waltz finds strafed forlorn accordion, respirating pump organs, squalling free jazz sax, detuned guitars and alternately plaintive or incantory vocals loosely yoked into a sublimely wheezy lumbering lurch (albeit one with occasional passages of great delicacy) that situates this within spitting distance of Maher Shalal Hash Baz, though wheras Tori Kudo's muse splinters off from a west coast psych origin, Pungo's seems to emerge from some imagined land where tango, sea shanty and free jazz are the universal musical signifiers. And in that land, Pungo are The Beatles.

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John said...

A lot of these Japanese releases used to linger on the shelves of the Osaka America-Mura Tower Records before it closed. I was not adventurous enough to buy them, or too focused on rare vinyl to bother with them. So I'm glad I'm finally getting to hear them.

Thank you.

That Tower Records used to have the greatest selection of avant garde and contemporary CDs I've ever seen. But for some reason they never stocked Nurse With Wound.

Anonymous said...

Please, more 70s jazz from Japan! Have you Second Mine and Out of Chaos by Kosuke Mine? And Modern Art Trio by Franco D'Andrea?

Thank you for your generosity!!!!

chaamba said...

Many thanks for this Pungo wonder ; I love it.

Jack Celliers said...

Whaaaaaaa! I'm bouncing...