Tuesday, March 13, 2007

V/A:Electronic Music Club,tape,1983,Australia

Great minimalsynth tape release from Australia's E-pop label,circa 1983.Features:Bobtronics,Human Backs,Modern Jazz,Donno Detti,Ollie Olsen,amongst others!
Sorry no pic sleeve scan,would appreciate if someone could provide it.
get it here and here


Overhere said...

Thanks again Mutant sounds for more great Aussie post punk sounds. I have posted something on the Immaculate Consumptives on my blog - alas not a bootleg of one of the gigs - that may be of interesr.

Please, please, please, please re-up the foetus Ache files

Many thanks

keep up the great work

CCE said...

I finally took the time to listen to this and it's very good, any suggestions for other releases I should check out, here or elsewhere, that are similar? I also liked the radionome lp A LOT, that album has been a loyal companion during work. This is the best music blog I know of, keep it up!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for this! I grew up listening to the Signal To Noise Set cassette tape, so it's really cool to hear something different from Second Glance, Donno Detti and Shanghai Au Go Go! This totally made my day.