Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Razor sharp Devo damaged Japanese synth pop with a frantically blipping style that also brings to mind both The Plastics and Italy's Confusional Quartet. P-Model were prime movers of the Japanese new wave and the madly fun style they innovated has informed everything from Magmoid lunatics Koenjihyakkei to the giddy contempo j-pop new wavery of The Polysics.

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karatte said...

Thanx a lot from jpn! Koool music.

Christopher said...

Another great post, Mutant Sounds. Love this quirky synth pop madness in the Devo style!

the_santa_cat said...

This is what your blog is all about!! Finding your new favorite alnum by a group you never even suspected existed!!!!!

Thanks so much for this gem :)

Have a good weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

I love this album, IN A MODEL ROOM of P-MODEL 1st. (japanese technopop classic 1979). I haven't been able to locate my LP's for sometime now. I still have it but cannot locate somehow... so thanks! Both 1st and 2nd rocks even now. It was lucky to catch them live set of LANDSALE (2nd) tour at 88-rock day in Osaka Japan. P-MODEL started in 1979 by Susumu Hirasawa (of Mandlake), Katsuhiko Akiyama, Yasumi Tanaka, and Sadatoshi Tainaka. All 3 were fan of Mandlake, a progressive rock band I have not had chance to listened to yet. Two volume of Mandlake remastered/unreleased material was released in 2006 on CHAOS UNION.

much more to find at:

BatterButler said...

Their first five albums are all excellent. After Landsale they ventured into a sort of epic postpunk while retaining their former Zolo quirks.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

arigatou! (thanks!) nice blog^^