Tuesday, December 9, 2008

VA- Somewhere Outside-Etellerandetstedudenfor,2ble LP , 1983, Denmark

Legendary compilation from the Irmgardz label,combining minimal synth,post punk and punk DIY band from Denmark.Most known are Moral(check other posts of their tapes ages ago ).

A1 Moral Frosty Nights
A2 Moral The Average Life
A3 Moral Whispering Sons
A4 Inspiration For Scanners Grad I Krogene
A5 Inspiration For Scanners Selvlysende Born
A6 Inspiration For Scanners Metalkvaern A7 Inspiration For Scanners Smukke Unge Maend
A8 Inspiration For Scanners 7 X Ve
B1 Escape Artists The Pain
B2 Escape Artists The Voice
B3 Escape Artists The Loneliness
B4 Crap Fight Consciption
B5 Crap Social Eye
B6 Crap Romance
C1 Naeste Uges TV Hvide Flag
C2 Naeste Uges TV Aerlige Brugte
C3 Naeste Uges TV Island
C4 Tristan T Udsalgsengle
C5 Tristan T Isolde
C6 Tristan T Nordlys
D1 World In Motion Sonntag D2 World In Motion Senseless
D3 World In Motion Subject
D4 Poets Of The Signature Mein Messerschmidt Ist Tot
D5 Poets Of The Signature Dont Jerk It In Your Food
D6 Poets Of The Signature Attack On The Beaches
D7 De Tilfaeldige FRa Igar De Forbudte 8:30
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Kakophonia said...

Great post :D

Pierre-Brasil said...

Great compilation!!!!!!! But, the Escape Artists sound is fantastic!!!!! Do you know more stuffies that band?

Anonymous said...

Pierre-Brasil: check this page for discography http://substans.info/escape.htm .. I Know. The info is written in Danish..

wilddevilman said...

searching for the 3LP Album Concert Of The Moment, a chance to get it???

Anonymous said...

Are you Mutant Sound guys interested in a vinyl rip of an Irmgardz release: Mind Pollution - "Your Pollution" (1981)?

see: http://www.discogs.com/Mind-Pollution-Your-Pollution/release/2255304

vdoandsound said...

anonymous-sure...a rip of the Mind Pollution would be quite appreciated. I've been curious about this one, but never managed to hear it before...



vdoandsound said...

To anonymous again-Got your comment containing the Mind Pollution link.
Thanks for that! It's really great stuff and will go up with my next round of posts with a thank you going out "to our anonymous blog friend..."


vdoandsound said...

Additional PS to anonymous-I'm definitely interested in the Cyklon Anticyklon you offered. Please send the link for it once it's done to: pantheonbar@gmail.com and thanks again for offering to share these!


Doran said...

hey i was just wondering if anyone knew anything about the band crap or what LPs i could find i've been searching and coming up with nothing

Eric said...

i'm wondering what kind of version "Frosty Nights" of "Moral" is, because the song on the album "Whispering Sons" is around 30 seconds longer - you have more infos about it..?!

thanks & greetings