Thursday, February 15, 2007

Amoebas In Chaos-On the Mayday,LP,1982,USA

Midwest DIY punk/avant garde/synth band.
Bruce Demaree - drums; Rich Lampear - bass; Lynn Shipley - vocals; Rick Wilkerson - synthesiser
no more infos available...just a great LP
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Anonymous said...

Ah man, I love this LP. Pretty sure AIC are from Indianapolis. Not as great as Dow Jones & The Industrials (from Lafayette, IN) but still pretty great.

Anonymous said...

Oh, an add on to my previous comment, member Rick Wilkerson ran the great Hardly Music label, issuing some great 45s from Last 4 Digits, Observers Observing Observers. Think he runs a record store in Ohio now.

Rick said...

Hi, Rick Wilkerson here. thanks for the kind words on the label and the lp.

Amoebas in Chaos were actually based in Bloomington, then moved to Boston after recording the lp, in 1983. The band broke up not long after moving to Boston. Drummer Bruce Demaree didn't make the trip, bassist Lynn Shipley had a bout of tendonitis in her arm, and attempts to replace/augment the band did not take. The original band is all still in touch and hopes to long-distance record in the near future.

As for me, I'm in Indy after a couple of years in Columbus, OH. I own Missing Link Records in Broad Ripple, a vinyl store.

Rick said...

Oh, one other thing. I have a limited number of sealed copies of the "On to Mayday" lp available for $25. Contact me at Thanks.

kevin said...

Rick, Lynn & Rich....Hi guys, remember your second drummer Kevin cameron.
I am still alive and kicking. I live out her in Palm Springs now and came across this site. I hope to here back for one or all of ya.