Sunday, February 11, 2007

Anton Bruhin-In/Out,CD, 1998(recordings 1976-1981),NWW list!

"Anton Bruhin is an artist and composer from Zurich, Switzerland, who was well-known to a very limited circle of people who had the chance to listen to his four wonderful LP records issued between 1969 and the end of the 1970s. Alga Marghen visited him and selected some previously unpublished material (1976/1981) for this first CD. This new title follows the two CD reprints of Tazartes records; again a music difficult to describe, which escapes categories. What was really impressing to the first listening was the special and particular quality obtained using very poor technical equipment, and how Anton Bruhin's creativity handled these low-technology means to reach a unique sound. In the first track, 'InOut', thousands of very short sound fragments coming from the most different sources are added like a patchwork, an acoustic quilt with geometric irregularities and varied patterns. 'Musik Vielleicht fur Sie', is based on the recordings of a self-made instrument, various sound sources and effects on a reel tape recorder equipped with an endless loop tape which skips the tape head; the result resembles a natural multiple echo with a long delay. The spatial illusion does not result from the stereo panorama, but from the spiral or screw shaped layerings into the depth of space. 'Wochenwende' deals again with creative recording technique; two tape recorders with loudspeakers for a ping-pong recording to let the listener perceive sounds as a spot moving fore and back from his ears. A digipak CD with an eight page insert. A big surprise for those who think low-fi music was created between the US and New Zealand not so much time ago. Still now-a-days one of the best examples of low-technology creativity, the music of this compact disc was recorded in the heart of the European mountains more than 20 years ago." "Massively entertaining "outsider art" styled pieces from 1976-1981. The title track alone is worth admission; 23 minutes of microscopically granulated sound-clips, the results of pause-button abuse (the click of which alone is made an instrument) during a continuous music-room-test. Tuning whistle, toy and party gag instruments, electric razor, model ship engine with propeller, CH-Phon, feedback speaker-microphone, double shawm, falling down spoon, tearing scotch tape from spool, hair dryer, etc... all whizzing past your block at exponentially fast increments of space-time. A fascinating listen and a once-not-every-so-often-available peek into the cogs of a true, deranged, mission-from-god level convention-saboteur." — Hrvatski

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Lucky said...

dear mutantsounds, visiting your blog really makes me sigh and say to myself: lucky, just quit it! you're posting such wonderful, rare and nearly impossible to get music, that it's hard to think of you as one person... ;)

i don't have more than a handful of the things you provide, and this bruhin is one of the few... for me it's nearly not possible not to be ecstatic about this release, it's so full of humour and insanely hard work, no-one really can figure out how much time bruhin spent to provide this experiments. and they really sound terrific and mind-blowing!

it's always a pleasure visiting your site - and i'm never prepared for the music you post here!


Loopy C said...

I hear ya Lucky! This has got to be a team of master archivists working around the clock from some some Alexandrian library beneath Stapleton's flat.

...only linked-up parallel universes satisfactorily explains Mr' Mutant's collection and output ;-)

(but don't quit Lucky, you are still a master of your specialty).

fuzztunnel said...

I've put this one on first thing in the morning... struck dumb. Must listen to the whole thing. Guess I'm going to be late for work!
VERY impressed!

Thanks for this!

1001 said...

pic sleeve:

thank you

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Haven't listened to this in ages! :)
Absolutely great stuff, the cut-up marathon of "InOut" has to be heard to be belived