Friday, February 9, 2007

Art Objects-Bagpipe Music, LP,UK,1981

Line up:
Gerard Langley
Bill Stair
Robin Key
Wojtek Dmochowski
John Langley
Jon Jo Key

Led by the enigmatic Gerard Langley. The Art Objects were a beat combo fronted by a poet. Many of the members played in the Various Artists at the same time. They released two singles one for Fried Egg and one single and an LP Bagpipe Music for Heartbeat. They later changed their name to the Blue Aeroplanes and to date have released 12 albums and toured extensively making them one of Bristols biggest ever bands.
This is one of the best 50 post punk lps IMHO!
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musicgnome said...

"This is one of the best 50 post punk lps"...another recommendation I will pay much attention. Thank you, again and again and again....

Anonymous said...

Thanks again

Carlos Slim said...

More Art Objects tracks for download at:

Klaus said...

nice, nice