Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Dennis-Hyperthalamus, LP,1975,Germany

An enigma of Krautrock, Dennis existed on the Hamburg scene for some 30 months as a collection of musicians from Tomorrow's Gift, Thirsty Moon, Kravetz and Xhol. In charge was Frumpy drummer Carsten Bohn. It seems that Dennis were never a proper band, and thus their LP was a collection of jams and impromptu encounters, remixed and compiled at a later date. All the musicians in Dennis were also involved in various other bands at the time. Carsten Bohn and Hans Pape both worked on the Uli Trepte "Inbetween" sessions, a project that eventually became Kickbit Information. Carsten also established the "Voll Bedienung" percussion project along with former Tomorrow's Gift drummer Zabba Lindner. Various others also worked in Achim Reichel's "AR" series of sessions. Dennis, exuded the talents of the musicians' backgrounds, and the album HYPERTHALAMUS comes across as a collection of extracts from acid-jams and freak-outs, with a hybrid of progressive, psychedelic and cosmic styles, notably elements of late Tomorrow's Gift, Thirsty Moon, and even hints of Embryo and Guru Guru: a musical melting pot of surprising diversions and fusion sounds. All told, it's a little-known classic.
Thomas Kretzschmer (guitar), Klaus Briest (bass), Jim Wiley (bass), Manne Rürup (keyboards), Michael Kobs (keyboards), Willi Pape (sax, clarinet, flute), Olaf Casalich (percussion), Carsten Bohn (drums, percussion)
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Max said...

Hey--thanks! So many great posts it's hard to keep up.

Alex B said...

Great, great stuff. A real jam of cosmic-free-krautrock, perhaps?

tek said...

I know it is an old post but any chance of reupping this gem. it is sadly absent from anywhere else on the interwebs.

thank you for all your fine work.

tek said...

nevermind- just caught a seed on rutracker. thank u none the less. i'll let you know what i think in a moment after i've heard it.