Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Die Toedliche Doris-Same(1982)+Sechs(1986),LPs, Germany

Die tödliche Doris was a 7 year long art project in the end 80ties. It consisted of a group of (usually 3) people( Wolfgang Müller, Nikolaus Utermöhlen und Chris Dreier/Dagmar Dimitroff/Tabea Blumenschein and then Käthe Kruse ) who did Multimedia art performances. Their work was concerned with the question of identity - especially in pop groups. They created their typical style the “ingenious dilletantism” and performed on Punk/NDW/Industrial festivals such as “Berlin Atonal”.
No need to say more for these German pioneers of experimental sound!Visitors of this blog surely know them very well!
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proghog said...

I've just discovered your great blog.... lookin' forward to checking it right out.... Gee ! I thought I had an okay collection.... yours is unique... all the best !!!

Anonymous said...


First , GREAT GREAT blog , really.

Second = the browser i use does not show the word verification - Means i cannot post on your blog.
Using now internert explorer , but not an acceptable solution to me

Got few infos on bands you ask about , few sleeves and so on

Contact me at
zevele1 no spam with an adress i can send you pics and texts.

Many texts are in french but i can translate it - Laid back kind of translation , for sure ... but in understandable english....

let me know

V said...


Anonymous said...

Great !

About the 6 LP :
"In 1984 appeared the LP "Our Debut." The Musical theme of this production was the direct adoption of the current impulse of a number of underground and independent bands longing for "breakthrough," "commercial success," "hit." Accordingly the music on "Our Debut" should sound anxious, willful, intense, ambitious, pushy, and at the same time commercial.

The counterpart appeared two years later. The LP "six" (1986) was the opposite: "uncommercial," "autonomous," "experimental" and "maladjusted." Here not popular but electronic music is suggested.

In fact, the music of both LPs developed at the same time in a studio in D�sseldorf. Both albums are constructed so that they correspond to one another in music, text and arrangement and comprise a unity if one plays them at the same time from the first piece on, on two record players with their respective A- or B-sides. The parallel pieces are the same length to the minute, from one track to the next, and offer a variety of textual, musical and semantic interactions.

By playing both LPs together the invisible fifth LP, an immaterial LP emerges in the mind of the listener." (from

And thanks a lot for all these incredible things you post !

reSearcher said...

maybe you`d like to check this;

Ekszelöt said...

I have only their "Die Unsichtbare 5.LP Materialisiert Als CD" on CD.

Anonymous said...

hey man...
do you have alvaro's mum's milk not powder ... please post that if you do. i think its way better than drinkin my own sperm. (from the parts ive heard).
also, folks you can download all the die todliche doris stuff at their site, some of it isnt to my tastes, but y'know.

rich said...

You have made the news at the illustrious WFMU's Beware of the Blog and for good reason.
What an amazing job you've been doing!

Over The Moon said...

Dear Mutant Sounds,

You are featured on WFMU Beware of the Blog!

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Your work is amazing!

Thank you!


Lucky said...

the tödliche-doris-homepage once had their entire output for free download, but they had to remove the links - but they are still active - just visit this site via the wayback machine of the 'internet archive' (-- or go for the direct links here (provided by helgagruel):

hard to listen to, imo! ;)

Anonymous said...

Is there a chance for you to re-upload this beauty? :)