Friday, February 9, 2007

EMAK(Elektronische Musik aus Köln)-same, LP,Germany,1982

First posted in Mein Walkman ist Kapput blog a few months ago.Since link is dead ,i think it's fair to post it here.
A great minimal sybth /experimental LP.

get it here


Anonymous said...

Hey Thanks for posting this electro masterpiece! I really dig it!

Any chance of you posting the second EMAK LP?

I would love to hear that one as well!

Anyway stay cool
Zero Move Chad

Anonymous said...

Hi folks,
would like to get this EMAK LP, in which form ever!
Is anyone able to help?
Thanks Klaus

mabeck said...

well quite an easy way to get more of emak would be to buy the cd best of emak directly from the artists themselves. the cd still is available via
as far as the recording artists are concerned this also would be a much fairer way than downloading it for free from some obscure sources

tentas said...

thanx again