Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Gee Mr Tracy-Shoot me that sherbert Herbert, Straight from the fridge pops , LP, UK,1985

Pioneering techno poetry

"I've the hands of an artist and the soul of a poet but they have to be back by a week on Tuesday"
Gee Mr Tracy were an anarchic blend of the wild poetry of Tom 'Brick' Smith and the irresistible synth-pop tunes of Vince 'Vince' Rogers. Tom rarely knew the words and Vince complemented this by rarely getting the tunes right, a technique pioneered by Testcard F of which he was also a founder member. The audiences loved it.
A cult following soon arose in the mid eighties and radio and TV appearances such as The Tube followed with a stream of singles and two albums. Their later works became deeper and more melodic but no less original.

You make my house shine (single)
Wish the whole damn world was in a bottle (single)
Lava Man (single)
Permanent Swoon (single)
Shoot me that sherbert Herbert, Straight from the fridge pops (lp)
Harmony! Rhapsody! Destiny! (lp)

Another great early 80s minimal synth gem.Very rare and unknown!Reminds me a bit of Wibbley Brothers recordings.Still looking for their other records!Thanks to the friend of this blog who sent me this one!

get it here


Anonymous said...


Have singles if you want, many a fun night had in Norwich watching these and Brick's other band - FIRE HYDRANT MEN

mutantsounds said...

sure ...i'd love the 7" along with any fire hydrant men recordings

Anonymous said...

ah, memories! i met brick in norwich in 1986, and he made me drink a "norwich nog" (quite a feat for this petite american girl!)

haven't heard gee mr. tracy in years. thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to hear more from Testcard F. I just own the 7inch Unfamiliar Room !!! Can anybody share more of them ???

Anonymous said...

Hi all, I have a favour and am hoping somebody can help.
Currently live in aceh indonesia working on tsunami recovery stuff in a very small isolated town with nothing to do on weekends or nights. So me and one of my english co workers who lives in another town have started a competition to see who can pick the most obscure song and give it to the other to see if they can download it from the web. He is winning by picking such songs as 'you make my house shine' by Gee Mr Tracy!!!!!....i can't find it anywhere, so any chance somebody has it or know where i can get it?? I can be contacted at Any help pointers appreciated.....otherwise he wins again! cheers

lee said...

I have wanted this album since I was about 15, I first saw gee mr tracy on the tube my mate bought the last lp in the shop. Im now 40, I cannot believe I have eventually got it. Its awesome.

mutantsounds said...

It seems that blog is for middle aged people...same age here Lee;)
Jim Mutantsounds

Anonymous said...

sorrowful is such an amazing track!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. These records are a trip. I think I agree with the second post saying something about this music going along with being drunk.

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post-anin said...

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