Saturday, February 10, 2007

HNAS-Ach, dieser bart !,LP,1988,Germany

3 of a kind is enough for today!More to follow!
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Loopy C said...

Side two is labeled:

HNAS - Ach, Dieser Bart! side two corrupted)

and is indeed corrupted?

Loopy C said...

...and concerning Side One:

Though the reference to 'soundtrack without a movie' is bandied about, I truly felt this belonged to some European (Italian) experimental genre film (perhaps even a horror film?). Far more formally 'musical' than I expected, the 'concrete' sections really create more of a narrative to the arranged sections more than being just textural devices in the abstract.

kef mi tee said...

thank you very much for this album - and for the many others you have pleasured my ears with

Grk! said...

Well, I enjoyed the skipping on side B. About time I got hold of the Heemann/Martin double comp & 'Ein Hauch vom Höllenlärm' anyway. Thanks!