Saturday, February 10, 2007

Jac Berrocal - Musiq Musik,LP,1973,France,(NWW list!/FUTURA label)

First and rarest album from Jacques Berrocal on the legendary SON series of Futura Records. Composed by Jacques Berrocal, with Dominique Coster and Roger ferlet and mixed by Jef Gilson. It features a myriad of instruments (trumpet, bells, percussions, trombone, Pakistani horn, flute shénaï, Tibetan conch shell, double horn, horn of ramadan, cymbals, cornet, harmonium, whistles, balloon, ropes, explosives. A true masterpiece of deep listening.
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musicgnome said...

I just perused today's amazing offerings and (quite honestly) OVERWHELMED. Thank you, so much, for your generosity.


P.S. And, thank you for upping this berrocal album!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, the thing is beautiful! I saw you also posted Catalogue's "Penetration", which is a wonder. More of Berrocal would be nice... As well, if I may add, as Jean-François Pauvros' "Quand le son devient aigu..." or any Chadbourne... or...

Thanks again.

Reza said...

Just incredible MANY THANKS
Numero Uno Blog !!!!

Anonymous said...

thank you. another cracker.

Milton said...

first barrocal I've really responded to. this one's really something.

Louis said...

Ah! I played with QIZZ / Fun, INc and Dementia Precox in Cincinnati.
I'm in New Orleans now playing with the New Orlean Voodoo Spiritual temple. The more commecial drumming on the movie "Skeleton Key" is from my hands.
I have a number of tapes from those bands. Some practice, some betterproduced. I would be happy to send then to anyone iterested. Lu Linden (Louis Martinie now)