Monday, February 12, 2007

Lucifer-Big gun,LP,1972,UK

Who is Lucifer? According to the liner notes (and photos), the group were four musicians who often played together in a cave in Arizona, and perhaps in the acid-ravaged mind of Peter "Lucifer" Walker (ex-Purple Gang) this version was a reality. But for the rest of us, Lucifer was Walker's solo project (meaning, he invented the other guys) recorded in 1972 in the UK (and thankfully not in a cave), and originally released on Private Press.

get this gem here


nick beef said...

er... um... wow? With a band named Lucifer, and an album titled "Big Gun", I couldn't say no...

gee this is sure not what what I was expecting, because it is physically impossible to expect such sounds.....

...i hear some syd barret, some basement tape-era Devo, some Captain Beefheart.... er... um... wow?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Pretty sure it was not released "on Private press, but "as" a private press..

NATURE BOY said...

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micksguitar said...

great share.the lucifer lp.was avalible from an english rock magazine only. they have another one also. same deal. thank you.

Anonymous said...

Nice one- most people seem to hate it, but for me "Big Gun" is such a cool album.

Does anyone know where I might find an upload of Lucifer's 2nd LP, "Exit"? Would love to hear it.

A CD reissue (a la "Big Gun") would be even better!!