Monday, February 12, 2007

Musique Concrete- Bringing up baby,LP,1981.UK,United Dairies label

Rare UK album from 1981. Musique Concret were an obscure London duo composed by Jim Friedman & Michael Mullen with a short lived musical history : their sole album Bringing up Baby was originally released on Steven Stapleton's label United Dairies and there is also one short track on a compilation. This is a great experimental power electronics works with the use of many delay and echo, tape recorder manipulations, collages, rhythms box, noise, and others studio trickery, naturally close to Nurse With Wound first period, Faust or others German 70's innovative bands. Completely forgotten nowadays, Bringing up Baby is really much more than just an interesting curiosity, it's a true highly original recordings from the early 80's. A lost jewel." -Forced Exposure
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Loopy C said...

Impossible! Either you don't sleep, there are several of 'you', or you have that stopwatch from Twilight Zone that stops time while you upload!!!

I am starting to think YOU are the NWW list, and that list on the back of NWW's album was just a poor simulation.

Happy Monday, can't wait to line up all these great new NWW List treasures ;-)

Anonymous said...

in fact, i think you are god. i can't believe it; every post is marvelous, hnas, nwwlist it's.... ther's no words.
just one : thanx thanx thanx
you're great
just a problem the side 2 of hnas ach dieser bart is unearable

Stephanie Delacey said...

Many thanks for all the great records you post here. Absolutely wonderful.

Over The Moon said...

RE: Musique Concrete: Bringing Up Baby

Wow, I have been looking for this forever. Thank you!!!

Loopy C said...

BTW, concerning requests (and I feel terribly selfish given all your great ups but did see your sidebar saying it would be great for you to recieve them).

Two NWW Listers I have never seen around (besides just about everything you have posted so far ;-)) are 'MARS' and 'MAHOGANY BRAIN'. I mainly mention those because I have heard excerpts from both on various radio (like the Wire's Resonance FM program' and they sound pretty intriguing.

brian said...

thanks for this!

Prince Marolo said...

thank you for this hidden treasure! Hope it's still available x

anothercountyheard said...

It is a treasure; great album. I've been looking for this for years. Thanks for the d/l, wish it was lossless. Regarding "comment moderation" wtf? what are you afraid of? There's no excuse for censorship dude

vdoandsound said...

anothercountryheard-are you really unfamiliar with the concept of spam?
You moderate a blog so that you don't fill your comment fields full of links to discount tennis shoes and viagra.