Sunday, February 11, 2007

Nu Creative Methods [Pierre Bastien]- Nu Jungle Dances ,LP,1978,France,NWW list

Another P. Bastien group!One of the best records in the NWW list!

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musicgnome said...

Nu Creative...High on my NWWL wishlist. You delight, once more!!!

Shane said...

Two questions:

1) I couldn't get this one to work. I get some kind of diagnostic error can-not-open message. Is that me or it? I could get one song to work, and it really hit me in a sweet spot!

2) What other Bastien groups have you offered? I may have missed information. I really like the current (??) stuff he does with the robots.

mutantsounds said...

possibly there was something wrong with your it....i've posted the Operation Rhino LP as far as i remember

Loki said...

this is awesome...just finished listening to it now... I always wondered where NWW got that weird horn/tuba riff (as featured on Automating Vol 2) from... no, really... I have

brbeard said...

Just came across this blog a few days ago...yowsers is all I can say. Amazing collection -- thank you! Regarding this post in particular, however, I'm wondering if it was intentionally taken down, or if there's just some mistake...I get an error page "The file could not be found" etc when I follow the link. Anyway, just wondering. Naturally, I'm not entitled to it, but if it's just a mistake, and you wouldn't mind re-upping it, I'd appreciate it. Thanks again for this ridiculous collection!

Anonymous said...

HELP! the link look broken... great great great stuff here! :)

brandumb said...

Something wrong with this link and I'm dying to hear this as I just discover PIERRE BASTIEN.

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on your blog. I have expanded my musical horizons infinitely since discovering MS!

Chris said...

Brilliant job mutant sounds. Can't believe the great music I'm discovering on your site.

A heads up:

Nu Creative Methods - Nu Jungle Dances ,LP,1978,France,NWW list

link is broken.

And to everyone else, I believe you need to mention the specific post if the link is broken for the owner to know which post is being referenced.

J. "Dude" Lebowski said...

Here is a few links that work perfectly: (French)

And if you're lazy:

No broken links there! Amazing!

Roetoes said...

Thank you!