Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Pseu from Bordeaux, France , an interesting album , recorded in 1982. Very dark, quirky, intense,at times in the best tradition of zeuhl school.
1. Biguine 2:49
2. Satno Danse 6:39
3. Simulacre-I 5:29
4. Simulacre-II 3:39
5. Vidance 10:50
6. Miroir 12:01
7. Demascarade 11:19
All tracks: by Pseu.
Philippe Dulong - guitars
Christophe Codet - drums
Eric Baron - bass
Thierry Jardiner - keyboards
Christian Coutzac - vocals
With: Philippe Canellas - bass (6, 7) Pierre Delair - keyboards (6, 7)

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Yukorin said...

Sensational zeuhl! Thanks Mutes! Every bit as good as Eider Stellaire!

Anonymous said...

This Pseu album is awesome! Top zeuhl - any zeuhl lovers out there should hear this if they haven't already.
I know it's been said by some people that many zeuhl bands were just copying Magma and weren't as good - I agree with the copying of style but I'm yet to hear a bad non-Magma zeuhl band! [although i guess I was disappointed by Paga Group]