Sunday, February 4, 2007

Siluetes 61-Ich hasse jeden der mich nicht mag, LP,1981,Germany

Here's is the second LP by this excellent minimal synth/NDW group!It was released same year as the first one in Zick Zack records.(thanks Profitis for the infos)


Anonymous said...

ela re, LP siluetes einai to deutero. to proto stion zick zack. idia xronia, alla ligous mines meta vgike to kitrino.

an ksereis germanika, to leei edw:

(an kai anaferei os 1980 to etos tou zick zack LP, alla einai lathos).


mutantsounds said...

e de tha ginw kai toso leptologos...allwste germanika de milaw,thanks gia tis fflicted man to egrapsa logw kekthmenhs taxythtas...rippare to vanity box!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for lot of great stuff!
Would be possible to see also the first Siluetes album, and a masterpiece of minal synth, Die Partei - La Freiheit des Geistes ???
Been looking for Siluetes / Partei very long time...


Anonymous said...

Hi Mutant-Sounds, first 1.000.000 thanks for all your great postings! IMHO Siluettes 61 can hardly be underrated. While much of the NDW was reshaping German post-war identity by giving ironic comments on popular culture, Siluettes 61 included the NDW itself in this attitude - for example Herzliche Begruessung might be about Saal2 (any post ever so welcome), Fahrt im DAF about the Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft &c. The only other example of applying the NDW attitude to the NDW bands is the album Sehr Gut Kommt Sehr Gut (Fehlplan instead of Weltaufstandsplan by Der Plan e.g.). To end with a request: could you post the first Siluettes album? I owned it more than 25 years ago. Just impossible to find anymore.

Thanks again, please keep up the good work!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

King of Fools said...


I have posted the Die Partei LP on my blog if you're still looking for it:

And thanks Mutant Sounds for all the great music. This blog is what inspired me to start my own!