Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sort Sol-Under En Sort Sol,LP,1980,Denmark

Sort Sol is a rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark. The band was formed in 1977 as a punk rock outfit, originally under the name Sods. Despite drastic changes in the group's line-up their current name, which translates to English as black sun, has remained with them since the early 1980s. For reasons unknown, the Danish press often refers to their musical style as 'punk', though nearly everything they have put out since 1980 is more reminiscent of styles such as post punk, goth, and even industrial music.
Band historyThe band was formed in Copenhagen, 1977. The original lineup consisted of: Steen Jørgensen (vocal), Peter Peter Schneidermann (guitar), Knud Odde (bass guitar), Thomas Ortved (drums). The band released their first record Minutes to go February 1979 and it is considered the first Danish punk album. They went on to release Under En Sort Sol in 1980, a more experimental album, influenced in part by Joy Division, Pere Ubu and Television.
T. S. Høeg (sax) entered the group for a short while in late 1980. In 1981 the group released their first single under the name Sort Sol. The single "Marble Station" (b/w Misguided) is only released in England on the record label 4AD. In March 1981 the group played their first concert outside of Denmark. 1983 saw the release of the album Dagger & Guitar, featuring punk idol Lydia Lunch. In 1985 Lars Top-Galia(guitar) joined the group, and the line-up was not to change again until 1996, when Peter Peter left due to arguments within the band, partly owing to artistic differences. In 1988 they made the album Everything that rises must converge which has been described as the their artistic breakthrough. The album consists of 10 slowpaced tracks that rely heavily on the talented deep voice of Steen Jørgensen. In 1991 they made their first CD which was Flow my Firetear. This was the first of their records reaching a broad audience. They reached their peak popularity three years later with Glamourpuss which sold 100.000 records in Denmark.
Internationally famous artists who have performed and/or recorded with the group include William S. Burroughs, Lydia Lunch, Link Wray and The Jordanaires.
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Over The Moon said...

Wow, "Marble Station" is a GREAT song! Other highlights are "Repeature," "Roller Ball," "Off Morning" and "Conflict."

What's your favorite one on this, Mutant Sounds? I'm just curious. I sound like a broken record, but thanks so much for always bringing such great new music!

wilddevilman said...

i'm looking for the Dagger & Guitar Album, did you get it???

Anonymous said...

Sort Sol is a name I've been aware for (seriously!) the last 20 years or so but never got 'round to checking out. I really like this - defo gonna track some of their original vinyl down now. Big thanks for posting. x

oldskool said...

Post punk as it should be, absolutely original and unique. And it has that certain air of despair I like so much. Great tunes and great voice, too. As good as the first album by The Comsat Angels. Thank you!!

oldskool said...

One addition. I now have listened to almost all of their other albums all the way to 2002. And I must say they are all almost flawless! Lots of fantastic songs, never too commercial. There is hardly *any* band I know that has such a high-quality output over such a long period of time. Obviously they were smart enough to only release records when they had put together great ones.

oldskool said...

And one more: I am still looking for their Black Box, Snakecharmer and Unspoiled Monsters (the last may be just a temporary problem with mediafire). Anyone, pretty please?

Anonymous said...

Ive got everything theyve ever produced - even my own little stock of the black box sets, so tell me what you want me to do?