Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Trevor Wishart - Red Bird / Anticredos,CD,1992(1977-1982,respectively),UK, NWW list

Trevor Wishart (b Leeds, 11 Oct 1946) is an English composer based in York and is widely acknowledged for his contributions in the domain of composing with digital audio media, both fixed and interactive. Not only has he composed many significant pieces, but he has also written extensively on the topic of what he terms, “sonic art,” and contributed to the design and implementation of many software tools used in the creation of digital music. He was educated at Oxford (BA 1968), the University of Nottingham (MA 1969), and the University of York (PhD 1973). He holds an honorary position at the University of York, and in 2006 was appointed as composer-in-residence at the University of Durham, but is mainly a freelance composer.
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Anonymous said...

I thought I'd better leave a comment - seen as no-one has! Red Bird = INcredible. "Machine" by him is another stunner. A million thankyous..