Friday, February 9, 2007

Un Drame Musical Instantané-Sous les mers,LP,1988,France(NWW list?)

Un Drame Musical Instantane was found in 1976 with the view that contemporary music must open itself to a broader public to survive the heavy-weight of the other mediums. Everything caught in the trawling net of the culturel industry could be a building block for a new piece. Everyday life, its soundworld, its language, its absurdities, become the material for Un Drame’s image and sound collages: they transform radio sounds, supermarket advertising, muzak, snippets of dialogue from fictitious texts and the noise of Paris into pieces of music.
Jean-Jaques Birgè synths, vocals, birds, sampling, rattle, breathing, jew harp, inanga, toys
Bernard Vitet flugel horn, trumpet & multishifted trumpet, piano,flute, vocals, crossbow, breathing, reed trumpet, charivari, bass flute
Francis Gorgè synths, guitar, sampling, breathing, percussion
with guests: Colette Magny, Genevieve Cabannes, Michele Buirette, Dominique Fonfrede, Laura Seaton, Mary Wooten, Francois Tusques, Michel Godard, Yves Robert, Gerard Siracusa, Raymond Boni, Louis Sclavis, Youenn Berre, Denis Colin, Jean Querlier, Vinko Globokar, Pablo Cueco, Didier Malherbe, Michael Riessler.
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musicgnome said...

Un Drame Musical Instantane = Mind Blown!!!

Anonymous said...

Slow down dude, we can't keep up! No only joking! This must be the best good music blog EVER. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

very organic!!
how about some Harry Partch
thanks Plouck

Nuage fiché qui rêve said...

What a fascinating travel, urging me to give a new spin to other albums of Un Drame Musical Instantané, which I didn't like so much a few years ago after borrowing from my local médiathèque. This one is magical, fullof suspens and at moments very very funny !

Thanks a lot MutantSounds (also had a very good time listening to La guêpe by Bernard Vitet)

Anonymous said...

Harsher than I had expected, but very interesting all the same. Thanks for the post.