Friday, February 9, 2007

VA-IV3SCR, LP, 1983, Italy

Sexy Angels : Mathematic mind / Neutronic mind
Gigolo Look : Elegant / Nouveau riches
Cancer : Naonian style / Wheels
Mess : Kunst und Technik / Get proud
Great post punk compilation from Pordenone ,Italy!
get it here


Anonymous said...

hi mutant!
this is from 1983, for your info....

mutantsounds said...

81 egrapsa o malakas???????to diorthonw....vanity box:))))

Justin said...

Thanks Mutant Sounds, this is pretty sweet, as the kids say. I've been digging all the minimal synth/post-punk stuff you have been putting up. though i do love just about everything you post.
One thing, i am having a problem with the first Sexy Angels track ("Mathematic mind") which won't play in any application I put it in. anybody else having this problem?
Anyways, thanks again and keep 'em coming as we all try to keep up with these amazing tunes.

Anonymous said...

same here.

Error: not a valid MPEG file

Anonymous said...

And the same: track 1 is definitely corrupt! A pity, because the other track by Sexy Angels is nice. Can you upload Track 1 again? Thank you!

Jim Slip said...

First track is corrupt. Please re-upload.