Wednesday, February 7, 2007

V/A - Sudden Departure , LP,1982,UK

Side One

1) La Fondation - "Cat Sisters"

2) La Fondation - Petit Meurtre

3) Bladder Flask - Did Debussy Wear an Anorak?

4) New 7th Music - Forever

5) Bourbonese Qualk - I've Heard Some Talk (no you don't!)

6) Mental Aardvarks - Radio Caroline North

7) Colin Potter - Soul Train

8) Paul R. Kelday - Somewhere Over the Rainbow

9) Peter Northz(at home) - Can't See the Trees for the Pope

Side Two

1) Eg Oblique Graph - Affirm/Deny

2) Bourbonese Qualk - The Woman and the Sun

3) Lol Coxhill - Bim 80

4) La Fondation - Holidays En Espana

5) Bladder Flask - You Can Slap Me or Sleep With Me But Don't Call Me A Crust (I Insist) 6) La Fondation - Lettre Au Procureur

7) Eg Oblique Graph - Human Rights

8) Bourbonese Qualk - Apart From That Mrs. Lincoln, Did You Enjoy the Play?

9) Philip Johnson - Entertainment

great experimenta/minimal synth compilation from Recloose label!
get it here

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Anonymous said...

Really good to see these kinds of obscure titles, which you seem to have in an extraordinary abundance!

If there was a kudos system in order here, you would get top marks, sir(s).

Quick question: Do you know about any more appearances of Bladder Flask, besides the Orgel Fesper/Sonaria album and this one?